2021 Jr Late Model Spectacular Rules and Guidlines

Rule Book Disclaimer:

  • *The rules and/or regulations set forth herein provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements of such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all such events. All participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. *JLMSS rules are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant.
  • JLMSS Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such altercation of specifications.
  • JLMSS reserves the right to update, modify, and/or delete rules at any time deemed necessary to ensure safety, fair competition, or any other reason that may be appropriate.
  • Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the officials. Any decision of and by JLMSS Officials is final.
  • Unsportsmanlike-like conduct can carry a minimum $100.00 fine and/or suspension. Any and all fines will be added to the point’s fund at the end of the racing season.
  • Any competitor that finishes in the top 5 may be required, at their expense, to remove the intake, heads, and/or oil pan for inspection purposes.
  • All cars must go through technical inspection prior to the car taking to the track for practice. Cars will be weighed with the driver and may be done prior to or after qualifying and prior to or after the feature. The reading of designated scales will be official.
  • Any issue that is discovered in pre-practice tech that is not corrected to officials’ satisfaction by pre-qualifying tech will result in the loss of one qualifying lap.
  • Windshield Series Sponsor area. Please reserve the top of your Windshield area (Approx. 6” x 48”) for JLMSS division sponsors Decals. Division sponsors are impossible without you the racer running their decals. All cars not displaying the JLMSS sponsor's decal will result in a 25% Reduction in all monies earned, points, products, prizes, and exclude you from any year-end championship monies or prizes that may be available.  
  • NOTICE: All equipment is subject to the approval of JLMSS officials. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through the inspection process unobserved. Any equipment which does not conform to specifications or tolerances contained in this rulebook or in the appropriate Manuals, will not be eligible for approval.

     A.  Driver Eligibility:

    1. Drivers must have prior racing experience that can be verified through a sanctioning body and each driver must present a racing resume for approval. Inexperienced drivers may attend a training program for acceptance. Email rod@jrlmss.com and request a driver application or a training schedule.
    2. Drivers must be no younger than 12 and no older than 16 years of age as of January 1st. Drivers that turn 16 during the season and have already begun the championship are eligible to continue for the remainder of that season. (Note, there is an exception process we have set up for drivers 11-years-old or drivers older than 16 that lack the experience to compete under the rules outlined in section one) Please contact Rod Wortham for more information about this process).
    3. The parent or legal guardian of a driver must sign the minor's release. (Click Here for Release)

     B.  General Car Guidelines / Weight:

    1. Minimum weight is 2600 lbs. and 58.5% maximum left side at all times. ** See Transmission for an adjusted minimum weight and left side maximum percentage
    2. Lead Inspection will be part of post-race tech and if a piece of lead is not properly painted white with car number in red or black marked on all sides the driver will receive a $500.00 fine on 1st offense and will be an automatic disqualification on the 2nd offense. Any lost weight will result in a $25 per pound fine to the Driver. No Tungsten, lead shot, liquid weight, or similar weight allowed. The minimum weight for a piece of Ballast is 5 pounds. 
    3. All weights shall include driver and race fuel prior to the start of the race
    4. Fuel burn-off after the race will be one (1) pound per lap.
    5. Titanium, carbon fiber or Inconel, or exotic metal are not allowed for use in any way on the race car.
    6. No hollowed-out bolts of any kind on suspension components
    7. No Data Acquisition equipment/wiring is allowed in the car on officially recognized race or practice days. No digital dashes allowed. Cell-phones, smartwatches, or Bluetooth devices will not be allowed in racecar at any time during qualifying or race, this is an automatic disqualification.
    8. All cars must go through technical inspection prior to car taking to the track for practice. Cars will be weighed with the driver and may be done prior to or after qualifying and prior to or after the feature. Reading of designated scales will be official. Issues discovered in pre-practice tech that are not fixed to satisfaction by pre-qualifying tech will result in the slowest of the two qualifying laps be used for a qualifying time.

     C.  Chassis / Roll cage

    1. Wheelbase minimum is 101”, maximum is 104" and must be within 1/2 inch of each side, measured center of wheel to center of the wheel.
    2. Offset or Perimeter Chassis are permitted for competition.
    3. Main cage must be a minimum of 1.75” OD x .095 minimum, DOM tubing Highly recommended, no Chromoly tubing allowed.
    4. Frame rails must be a minimum size of 2.5” x 2.5” square box tubing or 2”x 3” rectangle box tubing.

     D.  Tread Width / Frame Heights

    1. Maximum tread width 66” from the center of the wheel to the center of the wheel. (76.25” maximum) from the face of left front wheel to face of the right front wheel including the toe. You will be allowed to push the frame down to 3” frame height for measurement at center to center of the tires at spindle height on the side closest to the radiator.
    2. Chassis will be set on 4” blocks to measure body heights.

     E.  Bodies / Interiors:

    1. Minimum nose, body, and frame height is 4” and a maximum of 8”. (While in tech for the purposes of tech inspection)
    2. Approved Manufacturers of ABC Bodies prior to 2019 are permitted and must be from an approved manufacturer and must meet measurements and approved manufacturer specs. For ABC Bodies Manual (Click Here) AR Revolution Series reskin kits are approved for competition with no weight break or penalty. The Five Star Next-Gen body will not be permitted.
    3. Window tint of any kind will not be allowed on windows or spoilers.
    4. The Interior must use a minimum of 24-gauge steel or aluminum and completely be sealed to the body. 
    5. Fabricated front and rear firewall and floor pan legal. The firewall must extend the full width of the body and must be completely sealed off.
    6. No aero under panning allowed on the front or rear. 1/8-inch thickness skid plate, 1-inch wider on each side of the oil pan, from cross member, extending 1-inch past drain plug permitted.
    7. All fans underneath the engine compartment must draw air through the lower portion of the nose piece. One naca duct in left or right ¼ window only to supply air to a helmet cooler. 
    8. Ductwork can be no wider than molded radiator opening in the plastic nose and sides cannot be lower than the centerpiece of ductwork.
    9. Nose piece of the car must be mounted solid. No spring-loaded type mounting.

     F.  Engines:

    1. GM602 Part #19431602 will be the only engine permitted and must be purchased through the JLMSS website from Vaden Chevrolet contact Rick Freeman at 912-629-3489. No rebuilds or alterations will be permitted.
    2. Only the top five drivers finishing a race, their crew chief or owner may claim a crate engine from a driver finishing the race ahead of the protesting driver. The protest will be limited to one car and must be made within 10 minutes after completion of the feature event with the cash-only protest fee to the Tech Director. The claim fee will be $2500 plus a $250 Track Fee and claimers engine. The claim fee will not be accepted should JRLMSS Officials determine the claim fee has been made on someone else's behalf or the fee is from more than one party. Failure to accept the claim will result in the driver/team forfeiting all purse and points for the event and all Series points for the year. The driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete again in the Series.
    3. Nitro Lubricant High Performance 10W-30 engine oil synthetic blend. Minimum 7 quarts oil must drain from oil pan within 5 minutes with engine water temperature range between 130 and 150 degrees.
    4. Unaltered AC Delco part #PF454 oil filter only.
    5. Distributor must be an MSD Part #85551 Chevrolet V8 Pro-Billet, may lockout.
    6. Moroso plug wires only, part #28745 Spark Plug Wire Set Magtune-602 crate engine long
    7. AC Delco spark plugs only, part #R43LTS (or AC Delco MR43LTS) with a Gap of .045 inch.
    8. KRC Complete Small Block Chevrolet Elite Series Front Drive Kit part #KIT16612122 is the only one permitted. To order call Cody Haskins at 770-422-5135 EXT 208 Please Provide your JLMSS Member Number

Kit Includes;

a.    KRC 38140500 Pro R-Lok Crank Adapter
b.    KRC 38215375 R-Lok .375 Spacer
c.    KRC 38205000 R-Lok Crank Nut End Cap
d.    SP 10096100 Elite Series Pump W/Tank
e.    KRC 401600000 4.2" Serpentine Press On
f.     ESP 10020000 Elite Pump Spacer .325
g.    KRC 31416000 SBC Block MT Pump Bracket
h.    GDY 4060330 6-Rib 33" Serpentine Belt
i.     KRC 15101001 Performance Water Pump
j.     KRC 15003000 WP Spacer Kit .375
k.    KRC 38025400 4" Serpentine WP Pulley
l.     KIT 16315000 Crate DENSO ALT Bracket
m.   POW 8162 DENSO 50 AMP HD Alternator

    9.   Engine Swap Guidelines is as follows, the engine of any driver/team that wins two feature events, or for each two  feature wins JLMSS Points Series is subject to engine swap by JLMSS or any top-five driver/team who is willing to swap engines within 30-minutes of Tech Inspection on site. To be eligible for driver/team engine swap, a Dyno engine sheet must be provided at the time of engine swap and engine serial numbers must be within 3-months of the in-service date.

     G.  Engine Placement:

    1. Measured from the center of #1 spark plug hole to the center of the left front upper control arm mount within 1/4 -inch tolerance is 4-inches.
    2. Engine must be in the center of the frame with 1-inch.
    3. Center of the crankshaft to ground clearance is 12-inch minimum.

     H.  Carburetors / Carburetor Spacers / Gaskets / Mounting

    1. Approved Carburetor is an unaltered Keith Dorton HP350 CFM-2bbl - Holley 0-80787-1 only must have stock diameter base plate openings.
    2. Carburetor may be claimed for $700. All claimed carburetors will be inspected by Series prior to sale. The claiming driver will receive the carburetor only as it comes from the manufacturer. Purchase can only be made between the top three finishing positions. Failure to sell will result in disqualification, loss of money and points for the event, and a fine equal to the money seller would have received for feature finish. 
    3. Fuel Pressure regulator permitted. No glass fuel pressure gauge. No fuel pressure gauge with fuel line allowed in the driver compartment.
    4. Carburetor gasket, maximum of .060” must be pliable paper gasket material.
    5. 1-inch maximum spacer allowed between the air cleaner bottom and the carburetor for linkage clearance issue only.
    6. JLMSS Series carburetor spacer is only available through Day Racing Products
    7. Minimum of two (2) return springs are mandatory.
    8. Throttle stops are highly recommended. 

     I.  Air Intake:

    1. Cold Air Boxes are optional. No Air Dams or Deflectors permitted.
    2. Maximum air filter size 16”. Must run a complete air paper filter only: Top, Bottom, and element.
    3. Top of all air cleaners must be solid aluminum, steel, or composite materials. No flow-through tops.
    4. No additives in the air cleaner, housing, filter, or in that area

     J.  Cooling Systems:

    1. Radiators with low pressure (25-32 PSI) system only permitted. $350 claim. DUBZ Thermal Products part #DZ030193-3 double pass radiator or equivalent. No rapid cool down equipment allowed.
    2. Electric radiator fans permitted.
    3. Operational radiator overflow metal catch can and exit tube must be installed to exit on the right lower front windshield area only. 
    4. Aluminum water pumps are permitted. ($130 Claim) See KRC Water Pump Kit.
    5. No antifreeze permitted at any time use will result in a $100 fine

     K.  Exhaust

    1. Schoenfeld part #135CM2 Cross Over GM 603 with 3-inch collectors only. No internal or external coating allowed. (Claim $275)
    2. Exhaust must exit through the right-side door. 3-inch tubing may use one "Y" connector for a single point exhaust termination or (2) 3-inch independent exhaust termination, no more than 1/4 inch beyond door skin.

     L.  Clutches / Starters / Transmissions / Flywheels / Drive Line

    1. Multiple disc clutches with steel floaters and pressure plates permitted, minimum 5 ½" in diameter. Solid magnetic steel clutches and pressure plates only. Clutches must be positive engagement design. Slider or slipper clutch designs are not permitted. No carbon fiber clutches. Clutches found not to meet this definition will be deemed illegal.
    2. Starter must be in working order, may be reversed mount or block mount. Block mount starter to use 153 teeth externally balanced SFI rated flex plate.
    3. Transmissions. Recommended unaltered GM application super T-10 Richmond 4-Speed part #1304000070, 1304000069, 1304000072, or 7021090 with four forward working gears and reverse, 1.00 to 1.00 forth gear ratio with standard bearing and seals. Richmond 4-Speed with straight cut gears add 25lbs. Jerico 4-Speed with standard bearings and seals add 25lbs. and 57.5% left side weight. Jerico 2-Speed with standard bearing and seals add 50lbs. and 56.5% left side weight. No Rankin or direct drive type quick change or automatic transmissions allowed. Call Tom at BUZZE Racing to place an order 704-664-8907
    4. Reverse gear must be operational in all transmissions.
    5. Driveshafts must be painted white. Drive Shaft PST ST T-10 Part #192400545ST (The part number is a 40-inch example only other lengths may be substituted as needed) 3-inch OD, .083-inch wall DOM steel only. 
    6. Mandatory two (2) driveshaft loops required made of flat steel, ¼-inch x 2-inch minimum size) and should be mounted 12” from each end of the driveshaft.

     M.  Battery / Electrical System

    1. 12-volt battery system only and must be placed outside of the driver's compartment behind the driver's seat and securely mounted. 
    2. Must have working cut-off master switch within reach of driver & officials.
    3. Alternator systems will be permitted for competition.

     N.  Ignition System

    1. Ignition Box Claim Rule is $375. JLMSS Series reserves the right to exchange Ignition boxes at any time before or after
    2. Ignition Box Claim Rule is $375. JLMSS Series reserves the right to exchange Ignition boxes at any time before or after the race. JLMSS also reserves the right to have any box and components sent off to be inspected at the team's expense. JLMSS will provide a substitute box during the testing process.
    3. No traction control devices or timing control devices of any kind allowed. Possession of traction control or equipment on a car, wiring, or use will result in a $500 fine, Automatic disqualification, and loss of all monies for the event. 
    4. Ignition Box modifications/changes are not allowed. 
    5. One Crane/Fast Ignition part # 6000-6701-HI-6RC only as produced and mounted on the right side of the car dials pointed out the passenger side on the original plate. The mag positive & negative shall be a maximum length of 62 inches. Must remain uncut or spliced and on top of the dash in clear view.
    6. No loose wiring and all wires must be connected.

     O.  Suspension / Rear-ends / Axles / Hubs / Brakes / Rotors / Spindles / Steering

      The ONLY Rear suspensions allowed are 3 Link

    1. Quick Change Rear Ends with steel tubes and a minimum 10” Diameter standard ring gear and pinion setup only permitted. No lightweight or polished ring and pinion gears. 4.11 0r 4.86 differentials permitted. Standard bearings and seals only. No cambered rear ends permitted. Unaltered standard bearings only, no low drag or air gap seals. Gear rule per track to be announced. Winter Series 8500 unaltered gears only.
    2. Standard one-piece aluminum spool only, no alterations, polishing or lightning allowed. Part # 315QCFSA31
    3. Standard solid steel axles only with a minimum diameter of 1.20 inches and must be same diameter from end to end. No gun-drilled, twist, or wrap axles allowed. To Order contact, BUZZE RACING use Promo Code JLMSS-Member ID#  Phone: Tom 704-664-8907
    4. Non-independent, live axle type rear suspension is mandatory. No open Rear Ends.
    5. No computer or hand-operated suspension components.
    6. All rear suspensions (upper and lower links) must be solidly mounted (Heim joints only). Trailing arms must mount to the rear end in a solid fashion (Heim allowed) and no part of the trailing arm mounting may freely rotate around the rear end. All rear suspension links (upper and lower) must be one-piece tubular type construction with no moving or adjustable sections mounted with one Heim at each end.  All mounts for trailing arms, third links must be solidly mounted with no ability to adjust the length without loosening a jam nut. Trailing arms must mount a minimum of 3” directly below the bottom of the axle tube. No Center Pull or J hook type trailing arm allowed. Lower trailing arms must be a minimum of 24” long in total length.
    7. No suspension travel limiting devices unless specifically outlined in the rule book. Examples but are not limited to Bump Stops, Coil Binding, Chains, or shock mounting locations. Intentionally binding suspension travel with ball-joints is extremely dangerous and will constitute immediate disqualification and a one-race suspension.
    8. Cars may be inspected for bumps and coil binding by using a 1.5-inches thick platform under each front tire. The nose of the car must travel a specific amount when pushed down and held down by three or more crew members or it will be considered illegal. The intent of this rule is to do one thing… To help eliminate bumping and coil binding on cars that compete in our Series.
    9. Bumper must be mounted solid. No hinges or slides.
    10. Solid steel Toe or length adjusters are permitted on all links including tie rod ends.
    11. Rear axle/suspension must drop a minimum of 2-inches if jacked up at fuel cell bar and measured from the rear wheels to the body.


    1. Wide Five or 5 on 5 Hubs will be permitted with only solid steel 5/8-inch studs and steel lug nuts. No magnesium must have an MSRP of $180 or less.
    2. No Oil Filled (or oil-filled design) hubs.
    3. Standard Tapered Bearing only. Ball Bearings, Coated Bearings, or Polished Bearings not allowed and no low drag seals permitted.


    1. Working 4-wheel brakes are required at all times. Four-piston calipers, no carbon fiber, titanium, or other exotic components allowed.  PFC Calipers PFC ZR94 Front and PFC ZR24 for Rear are recommended.
    2. Maximum of 11.75-inch cast steel rotors, non-floating permitted, No Thermal Lock Pistons.
    3. Only one manual brake bias adjusting unit inside of the car.
    4. Brake fluid recirculators, floating brake rotors, liquid or gas cooling are not permitted.
    5. All front brake ducts must pull from either the nose or airbox only. One 3" flexible hose per front brake allowed. No rear brake blowers or hoses permitted.


    1. Any Standard welded steel spindle allowed. Aluminum Steering-arm and ball joint mounts allowed. Must be over the counter, unaltered as delivered by the vendor. No homemade spindles allowed. ($300 claim per spindle)
    2. No Billet or custom-made Spindles allowed. 


    1. Rack and Pinion steering only. No electronic power steering units.
    2. Quick Release Steering wheel hub required with a pad.
    3. Steering shaft (Collapsible Steering shaft highly recommended) must have a minimum of two (2) u-joints and deflect forces away from the driver.

     P.  Shocks / Sway Bars

    2. ONLY one (1) shock per corner (4 total). The cost of shocks will be approx. $160 each.
    3. The KONI Shock numbers below are the ONLY Approved shocks allowed for competition. Shock shafts cannot be bent.
    4. Each car must have 1 of each of the following shocks (numbers in RED below) on the car. The Right front must have one of the two listed part number shocks. 4 an Option for cars using 7” length Rear shocks. These shocks are identical to the 9” rear shocks listed in RED below however they are a 7” stroke shock.
    5. 7” stroke FRONT ONLY Left Front ONLY Pt# 307499 4 compression 9,10,11,12 rebound.
      a.   Right Front Pt# 307647 6 compression 4,5,6,7, rebound.
      b.  Right Front Pt# 307436 4 compression 3,4,5,6, rebound.
    6. 9” Stroke REAR ONLY Left or Right Rear Pt# 309325 3 compression 2,3,4,5 rebound.
      a.  Left or Right Rear Pt# 309436 4 compression 3,4,5,6 rebound.
      b.  Optional 7” KONI REAR Shock numbers;
    7. 7” Stroke Rear shocks are also available for a car requiring 7” stroke rear shocks.
      a.  Left or Right Rear Pt# 307325 3 Compression rebound.
      b.  Left or Right Rear Pt# 307436 4 compressions rebound.
    9. Factory Bump stops / travel indicators that come on the KONI shocks are NOT legal and MUST BE REMOVED. Use a    single nylon zip tie for a shock bumper or a travel indicator.
    10. Mandatory Shock Swap for all JLMSS Feature Winners: Feature Race winner may be required to swap shocks with JLMSS TECH when asked. No exception. Failure to turn in your shocks is Immediate Disqualification. Shocks may also be impounded for testing and returned if they test correctly.
    11. Do not remove your shock until Tech advises you to do so and then only one shock at a time. Tech must watch you pull the shocks one at a time and watch you pull your springs.
    12. The Winners Front Springs may be impounded and checked for minimum spring rate and maximum 14” free-standing height each race. Plus +.625” tolerance allowed.
    13. Shocks and or suspension cannot be adjustable from the cockpit or any remote means outside of the engine compartment other than using the knob style brake bias adjuster for front to rear brake adjustment.
    14. Shocks cannot be altered in any way. No dented bodies or bent shafts.

     Q.  Springs / Sway bars

    1. Only approved magnetic steel springs will be allowed and only one (1) spring per corner (4 total)
    2. Swift, AFCO, Eibach, Hypercoil are legal springs and or any spring with a maximum MSRP of $130 or less.
    3. No Springs longer than 14” at free-standing height on coil-overs. Plus +.625” tolerance allowed.
    4. Minimum Coil-Over Front Spring rate of 250 pounds at one inch of compression after preloaded. The maximum spring rate for the left front is 600, the right front is 700, the left rear is 300 and the right rear is 600. Barrell springs are permitted.
    5. One complete, one-piece, unaltered Spec Titan SR250075060, SR250075080 or SR250075090 spring rubber per spring only allowed. 
    6. Maximum Sway bar size is 1.250-inch and must be a one-piece bent sway bar only. Part #04123712
    7. No Rear Sway Bars will be allowed.

     R.  Fuel System / Fuel

    1. Mandatory bladder type cells 22-gallon maximum are mandatory, mounted in a grounded 20-gauge steel fuel cell container in a safe and approved manner meaning securely strapped by placing two (2) straps longwise and two (2) straps crosswise around the steel container. Straps minimum 1-inch x 1/8 thickness. Must be mounted in the center. Must have a fuel cell guard bar made from 1.75” .083 min. and be 1-inch lower than the fuel cell container behind cell. All cells must have a rollover valve.  
    2. Mandatory 1/8” steel or aluminum puncture plate installed between the fuel cell and rear end housing and be the width & height of the fuel cell.
    3. Fuel cells must be grounded, equal distance between frame rails, and the centerline of the car.
    4. Stock type mechanical fuel pump only, in stock location. Part # Carter M4891 with #8AN inlet and outlet.
    5. No additional fuel reservoir, pressure-equalizing systems, or fuel cooling devices allowed.
    6. A Fuel line safety check valve, anti-siphon Oberg part #SV-0828
    7. The bottom of the fuel cell 20-gauge steel container must be a minimum of 8” off ground. Recommended fuel cell height 10”.
    8. Renegade Pro Crate 98 fuel only and a minimum fuel purchase may be required from JLMSS at each event and will be specified on entry blanks. 
    9. Fuel samples may be taken at any time and tested. Alcohol, nitro-methane, nitrous oxide, other oxygenating agents, other additives and/or fuels that contain masking agents or oxygen are not permitted. Street-use pump gas is not allowed.  Use of such substances or additives will result in immediate disqualification. A variation of more than +/-0.3 in the Dielectric Constant (DC) reading from Renegade PC98 will be Illegal. Pacific Gravity is .728 and Green color will also be monitored.

     S.  Tires / Wheels

    1. 10” wide Steel Wheels Only with a minimum 17-pound weight. Any offset may be used but must meet tread width rules.
    2. American Racer 955 is the only Series approved Tire.
    3. No siping, cambering, shaving of tires, soaking or softening of tires will be allowed. We will have hot and cold minimum durometer readings. Tires being checked before qualifying will be check as cold tires and should meet cold durometer specs.
    4. Bleeders will be permitted. (1 per wheel)
    5. No blowers or ducts allowed to direct air onto tires.

     T.  Safety Equipment: Rules apply at all times that car is on track.

    1. Two Way radios are approved for this series, spotter* required. (*See verified skill requirements) Radio-frequency must not conflict with track frequencies and must comply with all local and national laws regarding radio transmissions. Skilled verified Spotter required.
    2. Snell rated SA2015 helmet required. Rollbar padding required in the driver compartment. Fire Retardant padding. SFI-approved full fire suit required. 
    3. Fire Retardant gloves, and neck brace (or head and neck restraint) required.
    4. Fire retardant shoes and onboard fire extinguisher system required.
    5. Fire Retardant head sock and underwear recommended.
    6. Driver’s side window net required, minimum 16-inch x 20-inch ribbon or mesh style, and must be mounted to roll cage so the latch is at the top front of the window. 
    7. Minimum three inches (two inches with head restraint system) wide SFI-approved four-point system required must be mounted securely to the main roll cage no older than two years old. Recommended: Five-point safety belt assembly and Safety belts no more than two years old. Kill switch required within easy reach of the driver and must be clearly marked ‘OFF and ON’.
    8. Racing seat mandatory with an 1/8” minimum thickness containment seats made from aircraft aluminum and must be bolted in with .375-inch bolts.
    9. One (1) inside mirror only; must be mounted in traditional rearview mirror location (center of the car) Wink mirrors or wide-angle mirrors are required. One left side spot mirror required.
    10. Quick Release Steering Wheel. Aftermarket quick-release steering wheel hubs are required

     U.  Infractions / Penalties

    1. The following infractions will result in a severe penalty which could include, huge fine, suspension, or a lifetime ban from the Series;
      a.  Traction control, Bypassing the RPM limiting control device in any way.
      b.  Altering the 602-crate engine under the seals in any way that is non-OEM.
      c.  Altering the 955 tires, such as soaking the tire, or cutting the tire in any manner.
      d.  If you are caught cheating the fuel in any way, the fuel must be pure as provided by the manufacturer, and must not have any additives.
      e.  Altering Carburetor Adaptor plate in any way.
    2. Illegal components will be confiscated by JLMSS Officials and become the property of the JLMSS.
    3. Any competitor found to have an illegal part will not be allowed to compete in any JLMSS event until that part is surrendered to JLMSS series officials.


We reserve the right to adjust the rules at any time in the interest of safety and maintaining an even playing field.

*JLMSS is the acronym for Junior Late Model Spectacular Series

Infractions and Penalties

Note, the following infractions will result in a SEVERE penalty which could include, a huge fine, suspension, or a LIFETIME ban from the series.

  • Being caught with traction control.
  • Bypassing the RPM limiting control device in any way.
  • Altering the 602-crate engine under the seals in any way that is non-OEM.
  • Altering the 955 tires, such as soaking the tire, or cutting the tire. Tires are to be a stock 955 tire.
  • If you are caught cheating the fuel in any way, the fuel must be stock as provided by the manufacturer, and must not have ANY additives whatsoever.
  • Altering Carburetor Adaptor plate in any way.
  • Illegal components WILL be confiscated by JLMSS and become the property of the JLMSS.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the rules at any time in the interest of safety and maintaining an even playing field.

*JLMSS is the acronym for Junior Late Model Spectacular Series


Social Media Content Policy

    1. JLMSS defines social media as all means of electronic communications or posting of information/content of any sort on the internet. This includes but is not limited to your own or someone else's web blogs, personal website, social network, or affinity website, whether or not directly associated or affiliated with JLMSS.
    2. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Although forms may seem informal, individuals are solely responsible for what is posted online whether by themselves and/or allowing others to post on your behalf.
    3. Any social media interaction or contribution that adversely affects JLMSS, other members, or others directly/indirectly related to the series may result in disciplinary action against individuals, up to and including exclusion from the series.
    4. This social media policy applies to all JLMSS competitors, parents, crew chiefs, and officials. A competitor is a driver, entrant, family member, crew member (non-driver), or any other individual or entity who is a member and/or participates in any JLMSS sanctioned event. All parents are responsible for the actions of their drivers, and crew.
    5. An official is any and all authorized JLMSS officers, employees, agents, representatives, and sub-contractors. JLMSS reserves the right to apply the policy to other members as it deems appropriate.
    6. Examples of inappropriate postings, statements, photographs, video, or audio may include discriminatory remarks, harassment, and threats of violence or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct is prohibited. Avoid content that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening or intimidating, that disparages others, or that might constitute harassment or bullying. Any mistakes should be corrected immediately.

Be Respectful 

If individual post complaints or criticism, avoid using statements, photographs, video, or audio that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, and threatening or intimidating, that disparages others or that might constitute harassment or bullying. Examples of such conduct might include offensive posts meant to intentionally harm someone's reputation or posts that could contribute to a hostile trackside environment on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, or any other status protected by law, rule, or policy.

Be Honest and Accurate

Post are "on the record" theater the online medium is public or private and is accessible to the media, public, sponsors, and or other business partners and is subject to discovery in litigation matters. Rumors, speculation, or information about JLMSS or others are not to be posted until an official announcement, release or other post by social media accounts has been made to the public and media.


Retaliation is prohibited. JLMSS prohibits taking negative action against any member or other for reporting or for cooperating in a policy investigation. Member(s) who retaliate against another member for reporting or for cooperating in an investigation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including exclusion from the series. Social media plays an integral role in reaching out to and growing the fan bases, engagement, marketing, and promotion to all entities, it is a way to give fans direct interaction with JLMSS, drivers, teams, tracks, and sponsors.

Please remember that we are here because of the fans, Promoters, and sponsors. If they don't benefit either will the JLMSS Series. While we understand that this level of competition involves substantial financial commitments, there is no excuse for bad or unruly behavior, which would tend to bring the Series into dispute.

The JLMSS is a professional organization focused on the development of young drivers and crew members and will conduct itself so in its dealings with everyone, including Fans, Drivers, Team members, Series Sponsors, Team Sponsors, Track Promoters, and the Press. The Series, therefore, expects the same from its Drivers, Team members, and Team Sponsors. The Series organizers and officials, therefore, reserve the right to take disciplinary action against anyone who brings the Series into disrepute by their actions, either on or off the track.

Disciplinary action may also include, but is not limited to, the right of the Series organizers and officials to suspend either temporarily, or permanently, any driver, team member, or team sponsor whose actions, in the sole opinion and discretion of the Series organizers and officials, may have resulted in or may result in harm or detriment to JLMSS Series Events.

The Series organizers and officials also reserve the right to request the removal of any derogatory or distasteful statements on any racecar or hauler. Failure to comply with this request for removal may result in disqualification from some or all of the JLMSS Events.

The decisions made, and the disciplinary actions taken, by the Series organizers and Officials hereunder shall not be appealed by the Driver, Team Member or Team Sponsor affected thereby.

Any Driver entering and competing in a JLMSS Series event acknowledges and accepts the following: JLMSS Series and its Officials may use the driver’s names, pictures, likeness, and performances in any way, medium, or material.  Including without limitations by and through, television, radio airwave, cable and satellite broadcasts, film for productions, videotape reproductions, audiotape reproductions, transmissions over the Internet and public and private online service authorized by JLMSS Series and the like, before, during, or after the event for promoting, advertising, recording, or reporting in the event or any other.

JLMSS Series sanctioned event, and do hereby relinquish all rights thereto for these purposes, provided however that the car owner and driver shall retain the exclusive use of its or his name; picture, and likeness in connection with product endorsements and the sale of products, services, concessions, and merchandise



Initial Start:

    1. Initial start will be by the Flagman, but once the pace car leaves the field, the front row should gradually increase speed at the cones (in turn 3) and be at speed (out of turn 4) coming to the start line, the next time you slow should be on entry to turn one.  Front row must stay side by side and at no time should second place be ahead of the leader while coming to the green.   Jumping the start will result in a black flag and a pass-thru penalty.  No passing or pulling out of line allowed until you reach S/F line.
    2. No scrubbing tires once one to go has been displayed.
    3. If a caution occurs before the leader completes the first lap there will be a complete restart. All cars retain position unless a penalty is issued, they pit or receive assistance from the safety crew, and if a car drops out or goes to the rear that line will just advance forward.


    1. Front row should gradually increase speed at cones (in turn 3) and be at speed (out of turn 4) coming to the start line, the next time you slow should be on entry to turn one. Front row must stay side by side and at no time should second place be ahead of leader until the green waves.  It comes down to a respect issue, respect for the fans, officials, fellow drivers/teams, and your equipment.  At no time should second place be ahead of the leader while coming to green.  Jumping the start will result in a black flag and a pass thru penalty.  No passing or pulling out of line until you reach the S/F line.
    2. All restarts will be double file, except for the 2nd attempt at a green/white/checkered, all cars one or more laps down restart behind lead lap cars.
    3. When one to go or the directive is given, the leader will choose to start inside or outside. Everyone else will double up accordingly.  If not back on track by this time you will start on the tail of the field.
    4. No scrubbing tires, swerving, brake checking, laying back, or games of any kind will be tolerated.

Yellow Flag:

    1. When the yellow flag is displayed stop racing, slow, and maintain your single file position with caution.
    2. Yellow laps do not count. You will not lose a lap as long as you cross the start finish before the race is restarted.  We do not revert back a lap.
    3. If you are involved, spin, slowed or your progress is disrupted by the incident, you will be positioned where you rejoin or blend back into the field. NOTE: The incident must play itself out before the order is set.  If you pit and don’t rejoin the field in your proper position before the one to go sign, you will start at the back of the Field.  If you pit you must first wait until the Pace Car has control of the field, and you have followed the Pace Car across the S/F line at least once – otherwise you will be relegated to the tail of the longest line for pitting early.
    4. Any discrepancies in line up will be determined by Race Control or may revert to the last completed green flag lap.
    5. Should a car not maintain caution speed or any reason, stop or enter the pits during a yellow, it will lose its running position. You must maintain your position under yellow and stay nose to tail.
    6. If a driver deliberately picks up positions after the yellow flag is displayed, they may be penalized.
    7. If a driver does anything to intentionally cause a yellow, it’s a minimum two-lap penalty.
    8. No scuffing tires in the area of on-track safety workers, you will only receive one warning.
    9. Officials reserve the right to utilize the yellow to check cars that are suspect and are being considered for a black flag (leaks, smoke, or sparks, etc.). After they are checked, if okay – they keep their position.
    10. Pit crew are not allowed on the track and drivers may not repair or adjust their cars while on track.

Red Flag:

    1. Stop in a safe/quick manner – if a car does not re-start on its own, it will be push started and maintain position.
    2. No work may be done on cars during red flag condition (5 lap penalty) – Unless authorized by race control.
    3. Positions will revert back to the previous completed green. Those deemed part of the occurrence that caused immediate red flag or cars that pit will be positioned at the rear of the field.

Free Pass Award:

    1. On any yellow flag up to final 10 laps, the first car a lap down based on the last completed green flag lap, will be instructed to fall to the tail of the field, and credited back 1 lap. Any car causing a yellow will not be the recipient of the “Free Pass”.
    2. If the “Free Pass” car does not reach the rear of the field by the time the green flag is displayed to re-start the race, the “Free Pass” may be rescinded from that driver and he/she will remain one lap down.

Ten Lap Rule:

    1. Last ten (10) laps must be racing laps; yellow flag laps will not be counted. No “Free Pass” within final ten lap


Three Wide Rule:

    1. If you are the third car that makes it a 3-wide situation, if an incident occurs, you may be penalized whether or not you made contact with another car.


    1. Once the white flag is displayed, we are coming to the checkered unless the track is blocked.
    2. If we go yellow after the leader takes the white, we will finish with a green/white/checkered, with a minimum (2) attempts.
    3. On the 2nd attempt at the green/white/checkered – once the entire field receives the green flag, and crosses the S/F line, the race will be complete if the yellow is displayed, those remaining are to slow and proceed with caution. The remaining cars would be scored in the position they held when the yellow was displayed.  If you are involved, spin, slowed or your progress is disrupted by the incident, you will be positioned where you blend back into the field – NOTE: The incident must play itself out before the order is set.  If that relative position could not be determined, they would be scored in the order those cars in question crossed the finish line on their last completed lap.  If the race were to finish under a red flag condition, we will revert back to the last completed lap minus cars involved.
    4. Top 5 to staging for trophies and interviews then the driver must drive car to scales or you will be disqualified.


    1. Any contact between competitors will be determined by Race Control if any penalty will be imposed. If a driver is penalized for rough driving, he/or she will restart at the tail end of the field behind all cars for the immediate restart after the penalty.
    2. Any competitor having contact with the race leader, resulting in the leader spinning and/or being eliminated from competition will be penalized. Race Control has the right to call over the radio to rescind this policy (before an incident) if the leader is considered, only by Race Control, to be blocking, in which case the above Rule #1 under Contact will be in force.

Qualifying Policy:

    1. You may not drive your car counter on the track prior to taking the green during qualifying – however, you may drive counter if you spin after taking the green, violation will result in the slowest of your two qualifying laps.