Click on the application button at the bottom of this page and you can fill out the form there.  Once you submit the form we will review and contact you.

Membership is by invitation only.  Once you fill out the application we will review and contact you.  

JRLMSS Membership application will be sent out after your JRLMSS Application is approved.

To compete in a JRLMSS Sanctioned event, you must be a JRLMSS Member and between the ages of 12 and 16. All drivers must have a parent or guardian sign up as an associate member, assuming responsibility for the minor.

When your application is approved you will receive via email a Membership Form that must be completed and mailed back, no faxes or email membership forms will be excepted.


  1. Please write NEATLY. If we can't read your writing, we can't enter the correct information.
  2. Memberships CANNOT be sent via email or fax. The original document must be mailed in.
  3. You must submit a colored copy of the driver's birth certificate. We will keep this document on file for upcoming years.
  4. If a parent no longer has parental rights or is deceased, please attach proper papers. This includes court documents or a death certificate.
  5. Finally, all drivers MUST have a parent or guardian as an associate member.

Membership forms can be mailed here:


5122 Haltata Ct

New Port Richey FL. 34655