Jr Late Model Proactive Driver School

The school was designed to give young racers between the ages of 10 and 15 the opportunity to attend a three-day all-inclusive school at Crisp Motorsports Park in Cordele, GA.  Students will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a full-size 340HP Jr Late Model, attend seminars designed for both the driver and parents that will cover a variety of subject matter essential to a successful career in motorsports. Each student will spend time in the shop learning the basic setup and terminology required to make the transition to a full-size race car.   



Proactive Motorsports School April 6 - 8 Crisp Motorsports Park 3 Drivers
Proactive Motorsports School June 4 - 6 Crisp Motorsports Park 5 Drivers
Proactive Motorsports School July 8 - 10 Crisp Motorsports Park 5 Drivers
Proactive Motorsports School TBD Crisp Motorsports Park                              6 Drivers



On Track Experience

Each driver will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Proactive Motorsports prepared Jr Late Model for approximately 2-hours of on-track time. The on-track experience starts with a ride-along with John Thompson to cover the basics including the correct race line, acceleration, braking, steering input just to name a few. Drivers will be graded on their ability to listen, communicate and run the correct line consistently at a realistic speed. Fast times are not the ultimate goal.


Radio Communications

Radio communications are one of the key factors in having a solid strategy on race day. Teaching the language the driver will hear from a spotter, driver coach, and crew chief while on track is an essential part of the communication process. Drivers are constantly having to make split-second decisions based on feedback they are getting but also must be able to communicate back to their team the correct information needed to make adjustments to be competitive. 


Understanding the Chassis and Tires

Basic chassis set up techniques. Basic vehicle prep and maintenance techniques. How to pick out, stagger, stretching and the use of basic tire tools. The basic crew chief language on explaining what the car is doing and what the driver wants in a given scenario.


How to Conduct an Interview

Drivers will learn how to mentally prepare for and then execute high-quality media interviews. Drivers are given preparation tips on how to articulate their racing experiences for an interview format. Participants will learn how to positively represent themselves, their sponsors, and their team, whether they had a good race or not. Drivers will then put the tips into practice with recorded interviews. 


Keys to Sponsorship

The nearly six billion-dollar world of motorsports marketing is a challenging, rich and intensely exciting realm to operate in. Some of the largest brands in the world have built their presence from simple grassroots programs to dynamic, multi-series dynasties. From the outside looking in, they make it look easy. But for drivers, parents, marketing managers, executives, and those interested in working with motorsports sponsorship programs to market their business it can quickly become overwhelming without the right know-how and support in your corner. We provide key techniques on how to get your marketing partnerships started and what is needed to build a long-lasting relationship. 


Branding and Marketing

Drivers and parents participate in the Branding and Marketing seminar where we cover the basics on how to prepare the driver to present themselves as a professional ambassador to a potential marketing partner. We touch base on all facets of how to create a brand including social media, visual branding, video content, web development, mainstream media and much more.